The R&L CO also made these fine figures of Bugs Bunny and friends. However they were not distributed as cereal premiums. These were premiums for a soft drink called Cottee's. The hand-drawn picture of Sylvester above is from Craig Hall's book on Australian Cereal Toy Premiums. It shows the Loop, which fit, over the top of the soft drink bottle. There are very few examples of the "Looney Loops" left with their Loop intact. I have never seen one.

Another interesting point about these Looney Tune premiums is this is the only series which I have seen that has flesh or salmon colored plastic. You can see this color displayed in the scanned picture of Elmer Fudd above. It isn't a rare color within this set but it a most unique color in the R&L plastic that I have observed.

Also this set has three different color shades of blue. There is the Royal Blue, Aqua, and a standard blue color. All of those are shown above.

Finally I'd like to point out that the Boxing Bugs Bunny figure (the first one above) is missing his ears. I need to have an "eared" Bugs to complete my collection. If you can help me with these missing pieces please get in touch with me.

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