by Craig Hall

A good friend and fellow collector wrote this book. It was published in July 1998 and is an excellent reference for collectors of R&L Company cereal premiums. Craig has spent many years collecting cereal premiums in Australia (where he lives) and decided to share his knowledge (in much the same spirit as I am doing here) with other collectors. The book has hundreds of line drawings showing almost every R&L cereal premium ever distributed. The artwork was done by Craig as well as the informative text. He has put each series on their own page along with a checklist you can mark off to keep track of your own collection.


The book is 118 pages, professionally bound, 8.5" x 11.5" in size. The price is around $30.00 U.S. currency and includes the mailing cost. Craig initially had 100 copies printed but demand soon eliminated all those so he has printed an additional 100 copies. If you are interested in purchasing the book from Craig you can write him a letter. Sorry but right now he doesn't have access to the internet so you cannot e-mail him. His address for the book is:

Craig Hall
P.O. Box 478
Parramatta 2124 N.S.W.

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