My Recommendations


The sites listed bellow are each worthy of visiting. I list them here because they all have some connection to my life. I know the authors of these sites and they are, every one of them, dedicated to promoting collecting.


Michealgraham's CRITTERSTUFF or try it here The Horde


Cool Sites

 The Freakie Magnet

By: Kevin Meisner


By: John Kolsar

 Freaky Cereal Boxes

By: David Dowd

 Odd Rods

By: Kurt Kelsey

 Gunter & Susan Koppen

By: Gunter and Susan

 Flake World

By: Mr. Cereal Box (Scott Bruce)

 Cracker Jack

By: Collectors Association

And for general conversations about collecting cereal toys and related material the individuals below are all honest and good collecting buddies.

Good Friends

 Tim Krajewski (The Freakie King)

  Aaron Sultan

  Jim Rash

  Guy Himber

 Ken Thompson

  Peter Markman

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