Virtual Toy Collection
A CD ROM full of toy and plastic premium photos

Get a virtual toy collection on CD-ROM. Contains over 1600 scanned pictures of 60's and 70's toys from the collection of Mike Speth and friends. Lots of weird plastic toys. Collection includes scans of R&L Company Premiums, tons of Freakies premiums including the complete stories from three of the Freakies comic books, Quisp, and Banana Splits. Also other plastic toys like Mattel Thingmakers, Kinder Surprise, Wacky Races, 7-11 Slurpie Cups, and other useful information. CD is over 600 megabytes of JPG format pictures. Requires a computer with CD-ROM drive, Windows '95, '98 or NT operating system and software for JPG or TIFF picture files (your internet browser works fine).

ONLY $15.00, includes postage.



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