Cat and Mouse


Water Buffalo

Mustache Mouse

The pictures above are 1/2 full size. These figures are designed similar to the "Barrel 'O Monkey" toys. They were meant to hook together and form a chain of Swinging Pets. Very nicely created, they are mostly two dimensional with a front and backside but little depth. The R&L Co manufactured these both in Australia and later in Mexico. The ones manufactured in Mexico have "MEXICO" stamped on the bottom.

I want to thank Jim Rash (and also Peter V.) for their assistance in helping me complete the Swinging Pets collection that you see above.

Let me take the opportunity here to say how much I enjoy all the camaraderie that collecting develops among strangers. Since posting this web site about R&L I've had a tremendous response from people all around the world. Many of them are just writing to show their appreciation for the information I provide in all these R&L pages. Others are looking to complete their collections and some have reached out very far to help me complete some of the needs I have in my collection. I must say it's been a great time writing to each and everyone. In case you're looking at this and haven't contacted me because you think I won't respond - think again. I'll write back to everyone who has an interest in collecting. You don't need to have something I need to write me. I just enjoy meeting other collectors. And if your in need of something I don't have maybe I can give you the names of other collector's who might. I've found there are a lot of other collectors out there collecting because they really truly enjoy collecting these toys. And that's what it's all about - enjoying and having fun.

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