The following pictures are from my collection of Mexican R&L re-production figures. I call them re-production but a better description might be re-cast. Because these figures are exactly like to original premiums made in Australian in every way with one minor exception. Their sizes are exactly the same, their proportions are exactly the same, even the texturing and details match the R&L figures that I pulled from cereal packages so many years ago. The only difference between the figures produced in Australia and the ones bellow is the color of the plastics used. And it is not a subtle or even a minor difference. These Mexican re-casts plastic is made of TOTALLY wild colors.

I would assume because these reproductions are similar in every way except color that they were all made in the original R&L factory molds. However there is no mistaking some of these for the original. There are fluorescent and translucent and opaque colors that are breath taking to see. Then there are the oddball colors, which were never made for a particular series. I have 45 examples representing 12 new and unique colors. Then there are some with slight variations of color and others where the colors have mixed to make a swirled-plastic soup.

So far I have encountered these unusual colors in the Funny Fringes, Crater Critters, AstroNits, Toolie Birds, and Totem Poles. I don't know their origins outside of what the dealer who provided them to me was able to say about where he got them. These that I have, along with some another friend located were sent from England. The supplier there said they came from Mexico. And so the gap in knowledge as to the place where these were made is significant. Perhaps more will turn up in even wilder colors. If so I'd like to complete some sets of them.

Okay, so what colors are we talking about here? See bellow. You can click on the small picture to see the whole larger figure.













I am sorry if you cannot discern the difference in some of these colors from the originals. As it turns out, even with 16 million colors available by my scanner, not all of the pictures do the figures justice. However close up in your hand (or my display cases) these colors are a sight to behold.

If you are not sure if you have a recast R&L figure or an original premium figure you can check the list of known colors which the sets were distributed by Kellogg's in the 60's and 70's.

For more information that was just made available to me follow this link.
Created by Cracker Jack Collector Jim Davis on his site.

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