This section is a different kind of R&L copy alert. In 1997/98 another cereal brand, "Uncle Tobys", along with "Moose Enterprises" distributed New Tooly Birds. There were 12 different Tooly Birds avaialble, one in each "Kids Pack" of Uncle Tobys breakfast cereal. The cereal in an Uncle Tobys Kids Pack are; "Grinners", Choc Dot Crispies", Honeycomb Weeties", "Vita Bits", Weeties", and "Rice Crispies". Moose Enterprises takes credit for the Tooly Birds.

The interesting thing about the new Tooly Birds is there are three copies of origonal R&L Tooly Birds in the set. That of course means eight of the new tools were created by Moose Enterprises in Melbourne, Australia. The actual figures were "Made in China". Bellow are all the new Tooly Bird figures.


Hand drill

Paint brush

Power drill









Sadly I have only three of these new Tooly Birds in my collection. Here is what they look like.

As you can see in the above pictures these I have are still in the wrapper. Bellow is a comparison, side by side of one of the New Tooly Birds ("Palma" Hand drill) and one of the old Tooly Birds (Albatross Auger). In case you can't tell from the scan, the new Tooly Birds are made of a rubber, not plastic like the original R&L figures.

There is hardly any comparison with regards to quality there. But it is nice to see the old toys haven't been forgotten. Who knows what has yet to be rediscovered and then produced for a whole new generation to enjoy.

A final note about the recent Uncle Tobys premiums, the Kids Pack box the Tooly Birds were distributed in has a very nice graphical design and layout. The backside of the box not only shows you all 12 Tooly Birds which you can collect but it has a handy cut-out "Tooly Box" that when folded and glued together creates a very nice tool kit to store your Tooly Bird friends in.

I'd also like to ask anyone who may have some extra Moose Enterprise Tooly Birds for assistance in helping me complete my own collection. Please contact me if you can help. thanks.

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