These FACINATING little pieces of plastic are the epiphany of why I enjoy the R&L CO premiums so much. They each demonstrate such craftsmanship and creativity. Like taking a fine pencil drawing and giving it a 3rd dimension.

Each one of these flat plastic figures has a loop to hang it from a string. I have never seen a box for the set but I can imagine it was very colorful and cool. If anyone has information about the set please get in touch with me.

The pictures below are larger than normal size to show the detail.

I still do not have a complete set of Mobiles for my collection. In fact I am still unsure of exactly how many different ones there are. Each one is cast with a production number. The numbers begin with 54-00 and go to at least 54-18. If you can help me identify (or locate) any of the Mobiles missing from my collection please contact me by e-mail:

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