I do not know very much about this series of R&L model. I was fortunate enough to recently acquire a complete set of these wacky "CRAZY CARS" for my collection. There are four of them in the set and they have interchangeable pieces. You can swap wheels and the front or back of each car detaches to hook to any other car in the set.

This car has a Model "T" rear end and a steam locomotive front. The rear wheels are Mag style and in front there is a water spigot.


This car has a sedan body but wagon wheels in back. The front end has wood log rounds for wheels as well as gas lantern headlights, and there is a hand crank to start it.



The car above is a roadster with tractor wheels on front and back. It has a ships wheel to steer with and a hand crank to start it.



This car is the most fanciful. The chassy is a bathtub type arrangement complete with a shower attachment. The rear wheels resemble Spanish wrought iron and the front end is a steam radiator. There is a life preserver on the side.

I wish there were more I could tell you about this series. The cars are very well crafted and playing around with them by changing parts is a lot of fun.

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