Special Note: The Crazy Insect series has been identified. The name they were distributed as in cereal boxes was "THE BUGGLY’S". And each figure has a name. See below on the pictures.

Of all the truly odd and strange figures the R&L Company were able to create for cereal premiums, none are any more bizarre as the set known as "CRAZY INSECTS". These unusual and freaky figures are another set of put-together toys that assemble into a single figure or a conglomeration of different parts from the other creatures in the set.

Clara Bow







The two aqua insects above are the same toy
only different configurations

Each one consists of a head, body and two legs or feet. They are made of soft plastics like Nits or Funny Fringes, molded in two dimensions and come unassembled on a frame. I have never seen a cereal box back for the set.

If I had only one complaint about this set of figures it would be that I am sorry they only made six in the series. I think these figures are as cool as Nits or Fringes any day.

In fact I'd say that Crazy Insects are my third favorite series of R&L toys. Just after Fringes #1 and AstroNits #2. If you have a favorite set I'd like to hear what it is and why you like them the best.

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