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There are really only a very few rare R&L toys. Or maybe these are not rare at all in some places. All I can say is that I have never seen one or any of these before. I'm pleased to have this picture to share with other R&L collectors.


The picture above shows several of the Japanese series of Crater Critter toys. You will of course recognize two of them as Gloob and King Crater from the known set of U.S. and Australian Crater Critter series. Both the Gloob and King Crater have a variation that was not included on any of the figures I've seen. Gloob's smile is much more of a "V" shape and his eyes are in a different orientation. Kingly above is a completely different figure. If you have a King Crater in your collection go get him now…… I'll wait……. Got 'im?, good. Now look at the legs. The one above has a single leg right in front beneath his mouth. If you have a normal King Crater there are two legs in front and the single one is in back. Weird, huh?

The third one is an unknown Critter that is truly a must have figure for any Critter collector. There is another Japanese Critter that I do not have a picture of the toy. You can see it on the photo below of the Japanese cereal box back.

  here is #10 Critter.

Wow, and until now you thought there were only eight Crater Critters in the set.

Does anybody have any contacts who collect toys from Japan? If so let me know.


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