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R&L Rarities
The truly unique, rare, and obscure.

If you made it to this section you are a true fan of the R&L toys. I've only linked this page in very limited places on my web site. I did that purposefully to reward the faithful collectors trying to understand that all consuming question, WHY. "Why do I like these little toys so much, why do I spend so much time thinking about them, and why 'O why did I spend my children's college tuition money on this collection of plastic."

Well I certainly can't answer those questions but I can say that I share the same affliction as you. So let's stimulate the major desire centers of the brain by taking a look at some very, very rare R&L items.

Crater Critter #9

Crater Critter #10

A different King

A different Gloob

Japanese Cereal Box

One of a Kind

Complete and Mint

Rock Band

      And yet one more

            One of a kind

You can see a larger picture of these items by clicking on the image.

 I want to thank several collectors who shared the item above with me by sending the photos above. I do not have any of the things you see in these pictures…… yet, but it's nice to think that someday I might. The collector's who provided me these pictures are: Jim Rash, Brett Walters, and Craig Hall. Thanks guys.

For some other rare R&L (box back) panels click here.