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ASTRONITS (text from an Australian Froot Loops box back)

Round and round they go in lunar orbit, in their rockets and flying saucers, the mad, crazy Kellogg's "Astro-Nits". With retro-rockets firing they zoom into earth orbit to land on your breakfast table. So you can recognize them we have stamped a dotty name on every one of them.

There are TWENTY "Astro-Nits" for you to collect! And would you believe it, there are TWO "Astro-Nits" in EVERY packet of Kellogg's CoCo Pops*, Frosties*, Honey Smacks*, Froot Loops*, Ricicles*, Lettabits*, and Strawberry Pops*, Wow! What a mob to play with, and keep on your bedroom shelf.

 *Registered Trade Marks

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See the AstroNit cereal box back