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Kellogg's cereal distribution both domestic and foreign markets between 1968 and 1970.

"Collect these funny Friendly creatures from the craters of outer space. There are eight different Crater Critters ready to land on your breakfast table now"
Bellow is the description from a U.S. Kellogg's cereal box

CRATER CRITTERS (text from an Australian Ricicles box back)



Here are the cutest creatures you have ever collected - Kellogg's "Crater Critters". Normally they live way down in the deepest craters on a far off planet. They are shy little people that's why we hardly ever see them. There are 8 "Crater Critters" to collect. You'll find them in every packet of Kellogg's Ricicles**, Strawberry Pops* and Lettabits*. Collect them all and make them you friends. Their names are; -

KINGLY CRITTER: is the happy King of all the Crater Critters. That's why he wears a crown.

CLEVER CRITTER: Clever does all sorts of smart tricks. He loves to balance on one foot and show off.

CRAWLY CRITTER: Crawly likes to pretend to frighten everyone by putting on horrible faces, but he doesn't mean any harm.

CURLY CRITTER: Curly doesn't talk very much, but he loves to listen. That's why his ears are so large.

CRANKY CRITTER: Cranky likes to argue. He always looks a bit grumpy.

CREEPY CRITTER: Creepy looks awful, but he's really very nice.

KINDLY CRITTER: Kindly loves everyone. He never does anything naughty or unkind.

KOOKY CRITTER: Kooky is always playing tricks. Sometimes you don't know if he's upside-down or right-ways-up!

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 Okay, okay, here is the much-desired information about the Japanese Crater Critter set. It is very incomplete info and I have only one source but it's enough to make your pulse race and heart pound thinking about it. There may be a whole different set of Crater Critters that were distributed in Japan before the U.S. or Australian series were put into cereal packages. So far I have not met anybody who claims to have, or even seen, these different Critters. I do not know anything about this set except for the information I've seen in a Japan published toy book.

Jim Rash sent me the book and the whole thing is written in Japanese character writing so I cannot translate any of the information from the small two-page article about R&L cereal premiums. As it is though the two pages in the magazine have some very excellent photos of some rare R&L toys. One set is known as the "Rock Band" and then there are the pictures of those different Crater Critters. If you want to see what these look like visit my Rare R&L Toys page.