Even though most people call this figure set "Society Zoo" it is also known as "thingummyjigs".
To find out why the series has two names see the cereal box back picture link bellow.

Braying Sweeper

Goaty Gardener

Box A Roo

Admiral Lion

Porky Chef

Rock Rooster

Sherlock Wolf

Sonja Hen

Chimpy Sailor

Bunny Waiter

Clever Chick

Birdie Golfer

Brawny Bruin

Cowboy Quack

Foxy Butcher

Arty Squirrel

Postie Hound

Croakie Dunce

Fishy Pelican

Cocky Newsboy

(text from an Australian Rice Bubbles box back)


Funny little creatures that look a whole lot like us people. All busy doing their own thing. Great to collect and make up your own "Thingummyjig" society. And because they are special people who like to go around in pairs, you will find TWO "Thingummyjigs" 1 lb packet of Kellogg's Corn Flakes, and TWO in every 1 lb and 12 oz packet of Rice Bubbles.

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See the Thingamajig cereal box back