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My Extra R&L
For trade.

Okay, it appears that the mania of speculation is beginning to die down. I assume that most of the real collecting of R&L will be by true fans of the plastic from now on. I could be wrong since it won't be long before Craig Hall's second book will be published. This could quite possible produce another round of frenzied collecting that drives the prices up yet again. But in the mean time I'd sure like to who the real collectors are and secure a trade network to help everyone.

I have managed to gather quite a few duplicate R&L recently and yet my own collecting goals are falling short of what I need to complete my sets.

I may soon add a listing of my extras on this page. If you check here regularly let me know. I have just changed this page 19 September 1999. If I hear from enough collectors I'll create a better listing.

If you are looking for something to complete your collection write me E-mail,

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