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Here is another unusual R&L figure copy. The picture bellow is from a guidebook about Kinder Surprise toys. Kinder Surprise are German Chocolate in the form of hollow eggs. Inside the cavity of the eggs is a plastic bubble containing some plastic, paper or metal toy. These eggs have been around quite awhile and the toy premiums inside are often very elaborate and fun to collect. Really the Kinder collector groups are hundreds of time larger than the small contingent of cereal premium collectors.

Anyhow, the picture of the Kinder Pirates shows that these same R&L figure designs or molds were used to make another premium toy. I am not sure of when the Kinder Pirate set was issued but I believe it was sometime in the mid-1980's. These premiums are made of metal. They had limited distribution and are quite rare. If anyone has any to trade or sell, please get in touch with me: I'd love to display them with my R&L plastic figures.

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