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Alert: this web site is changing... for the better I hope.

Yes, I've let my cereal premium pages languish into disrepair.  It's time I showed them some attention.  I'd like to get a whole new look to the site but for now I intend just to fix broken links and add new information about collecting that I've acquired recently.

This web site was started almost four years ago and has grown quite popular with cereal premium enthusiasts.  I appreciate everyone whose stopped by and let me know that the information I've provided here is useful and enjoyable.  Recent doing in my own life have left me little time to keep up with all of this that I love.  I hope you understand.  And I hope you return again to see how this project progresses.

Today is 19 November 2001.  I would like to see the site completely updated before 2002.  Look for the following improvements and additions soon.  When they are complete & available I will post a date next to them.

Thanks for your understanding,

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